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DGI Doedijns

DGI Doedijns designs and manufactures hydraulic equipment for various industries

DGI Doedijns is the specialist when it comes to hydraulic, pneumatic and control equipment. With our specific knowledge we provide hydraulic systems, services, components and rental equipment.

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DGI Doedijns designs, engineers and manufactures new equipment, services, refurbishes and commissions equipment (incl. third party equipment), and provides engineering and project management support. We focus on industries, like the mobile equipment, offshore, recycling and heavy industry.


DGI Doedijns was founded in 1879 and has built up a leading position in the market of hydraulics, pneumatics and controls. Our in-depth knowledge and close cooperation with clients and suppliers enables us to deliver tailor made systems, components and field services to many different clients in a wide variety of industries. We are solution driven and strive to provide high quality equipment and field services at a competitive price supplemented with around the clock service to meet our client’s needs worldwide.



DGI Doedijns capability of managing challenging projects is based on an extended track record. We are a true system integrator, combining in-house hydraulic and electrical engineering with in-depth knowledge of components. DGI Doedijns can handle the complete engineering scope from defining the scope of work to executing the analysis, drawings and 3D models. Our aim is to work closely with our clients to seamlessly meet the requirements and deliver within budget and time schedule.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance plays a big part within DGI Doedijns, therefore we always work according to our ISO 9001 quality program. Our QHSE manager and higher management stimulate and support Quality Assurance and Quality Control activities related to our products and projects. Work is done following the ISO 9001 procedures and all equipment designed and manufactured by DGI Doedijns is built to the highest industry standards.

Please see our DGI Doedijns Quality Policy for more information.

Health, Safety and Environment

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) are at the heart of everything we do, driven by our management and integrated in our operation. Our HSE approach is built on experience, operation audits, annual risk reviews, industry practice and sharing of experiences.

Our company is known for its high safety and low incident rate. We actively consult others about working safe and environmentally aware, which is appreciated by our clients. Such a reputation can only be established if the concept of HSE is internationally recognised and integrated in the company from top to bottom. We have a well-implemented HSE management system, and an annual HSE plan is part of the yearly management system. HSE meetings regularly take place at company level where we discuss the plans and progress.

DGI employees have to comply to a strict safety policy. Training and coaching on HSE are important tools to manage risks in the workplace and have our highest priority. Each employee is trained on safety and can access safety manuals and requirements.

Read more about our DGI Doedijns HSE Policy and the Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) progress report June 2018.

Curious about the QHSE review 2018? Click on this link: DGI Doedijns QHSE – Summary year report 2018.

All QA and HSE related topics are documented in our QA/HSE Management System manual


All (inter-) national certificates related to Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental can be downloaded here:

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